Is this an answer or a pause word as you reflect on how jacked up the world is currently treating you.

Often people say that life is going well (or good – to the horror of English teachers around the world) because work is going well, or they are healthy or more likely, they don’t really want to talk about it.  The point is to really be “doing well” and that means that all the different parts of our life are where we want them to be or we are consciously doing what’s necessary to get them all to the “well’ status.

Our lives are made up of at least 8 major skills that we use to deal with what life throws at us; the big three, physical, mental and spiritual but there is also occupational, intellectual, emotional, social and environmental.  The better we are aware and understand our level of fulfillment in each of these categories leads to truly being not only well but awesome. It is understandable why some parts of our lives are better than others because where we put our intention usually gets our attention and what gets our attention with intention usually gets better.

To find out how you rank in the 8 major skills in your life, click on our “get a free Well’th Wheel” button and take a snapshot how well you really are doing.

Then put some intention and attention where is it needed most. “where is that” you ask?  You will know, and you probably already do.

Bwell, bAware, BwellAware