Crazy Habits and Why They are Crazy.

“40 percent of your actions are not conscious decisions but habits”. Excerpt from Life Potentials – Psychology of Habits “The key to sustaining positive change is to turn each desired action into a habit. 40% of your actions are not conscious decisions but habits.  So...

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How is it going? Well….

Is this an answer or a pause word as you reflect on how jacked up the world is currently treating you. Often people say that life is going well (or good – to the horror of English teachers around the world) because work is going well, or they are healthy or more...

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Mindset Matters…Action Required says it all.

They say perspective is everything.  Well, sitting in your house and thinking that your garden is awesome while weeds are taking over your tomatoes is not going to get it done.  You must take action.  The philosophy of Mindset Matters…Action Required combines the two...

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Perspective – Apple

“Ednifying” BwellAware